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Container Energy Storage System
Container Energy Storage System

Container energy storage system often adopts a pre-installed container system, integrating iron-lithium batteries, PCS, EMS, step-up transformers, communications, power distribution, fire protection, etc. inside the container. Our conventional container products are 1.5MW and 3MW in two specifications, and can also be flexibly configured according to customer needs.

All-in-one home storage

Jevier all-in-one home storage is a fully integrated AC battery system for
Residential or light commercial use. The inverter and battery pack are put into the all-in-one machine, which is more convenient for installation. It is to make every effort to build an efficient, safe and intelligent home energy storage system. Bring economic, safe and convenient operation experience to families.

Solutions for Every Projects

With a professional R&D team of over 700 employees, [Brand] puts its best foot forward at product innovation and portfolio expansion, ensuring that the production capacity and product quality go hand-in-hand across the entire range.

Residential Solutions

[Brand] provides a solution to generate clean electricity for your own solar-powered home. When it comes to residential solutions featuring superior safety and easy installation, [Brand] is the ideal choice for homeowners to going solar. Enjoy your unparalleled experience of green energy, optimal solar energy usage, reduced electricity bills and much more.

Energy Storage Solutions

Exploring and utilizing smart technologies and advanced expertise, [Brand] is relentless about offering users residential & small C&I storage solutions to protect users from rising electricity costs. We strive to create reliable solutions for users to maximize self-consumption, ensure power safety during an outage, take smart control of home power management, and realize energy independence.

C&I Solutions

[Brand] provides commercial and industrial energy solutions for EPCs, developers, and owner-operators to utilize the roof resources. With unrivalled technical expertise and optimized design, [Brand] can comprehensively drive new revenue streams and project value for our users with high-current PV module compatibility.

Utility PV Solutions

The innovative offerings of [Brand] not only provide smart utility solutions for customers to utilize the resources for centralized PV power plants but also deliver higher power gains and lower LCOE through our innovative technologies.


1. Are you a Manufacturer or a trading company?

Jevier is a manufacturer,welcome to visit our factory any time.

2. What is your quality control process?

Our factory have ISO90001 certification,from incoming materials to production,and then to delivery,there are corresponding QC control.Battery cells we use EVE brand,the quality of this product is absolutely guaranteed.

3. What is your warranty?

The cycle life of battery pack can cycles and warranty 10 years,the container energy storage System warranty also 10 years.

4. What's the lead time for mass production?

It depends on the actual situation. 3.2V280Ah LFP cell in stock anytime, 12.8V280Ah LFP battery pack need about 7-10days, All-in-one power wall in stock anytime. Container energy storage system about 40days.

5.Do you accept ODM/OEM orders?

Yes, we can accept OEM/ODM, customer's logo can be acceptable.

6.How can I be your distributor or service partner?

Please directly email to, we can discuss about this. We need to know your target market, what application you want to cover, and estimated annual purchase volume.

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