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We are committed to being the most valuable solar technology company in the world.

About us

The Jevier energy storage system uses solar power generation devices on the roof, energy generated by household wind turbines, and low-cost power sources from the social power supply system to store affluent electricity in the energy storage system for peak use, not only for emergency The power supply can save electricity expenses for the family. Our cabinet-type energy storage is the most optimized 20-foot standard container with an installed capacity of 1.5MWh, and a 40-foot standard container with an installed capacity of 3MWh.

We are committed to becoming a global A leading provider of smart energy solutions, working with customers to build a grand blueprint for the Internet of Energy!

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We have a strong installation team, which ensures fast and efficient installation

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Consistent quality and guaranteed after-sales service

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Our Mission

Jevier is aware of the need for sustainable development. Environmental protection and rising energy costs have become major issues attracting attention in today’s society. Jevier's mission is to assist organizations in reducing their carbon footprint. This will be achieved by converting energy consumption to renewable sources as well as reducing overall consumption with energy efficiency solutions.

Customization Service

We understand that every client has unique energy storage requirements, which is why we offer customized solutions to meet their specific needs. Our team of engineers will work closely with each client to design a system that is tailored to their requirements and specifications


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Our Members

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Judy Tan

Sales Manager

David Huang


Anna Zhang


Peter Lu

Chief engineer

Jevier Way

We are committed to being the most valuable energy technology company in the world.


Thank you very much for every inquiry, we will take it very seriously.


We will pack the product perfectly and deliver the product to your hands safely.


Whether it is express, air, or sea shipping, we can arrange the transportation method for you according to your urgent needs.

After-Sales Service

The warranty period of our products is 5 years or 10 years. We adopt the best quality, so we are not afraid of after-sales service.

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